Facts about Tree Failure and Its Possible Risks 

We can’t predict the exact time or date when tree failure happens. However, if you know the chances of tree failure, you will be able to make wise decisions, which can successfully minimize the risk that it provides. In this article, we will be discussing some facts that you should know about tree failure and its probable risks for you to have a better grasp about this: 


What causes tree failures? 

A tree will naturally fall once it is forcefully hit or if its load is too strong. Tree failures usually happen during extreme weather due to the extreme force of the wind together with the weight of ice, snow, or rain. Remember that trees can fail even if they have perfect conditions and it’s vital to know why. 


The tree’s species or age serves a role as well in terms of tree failure. Every tree has its distinct failure profile, which highlights typical problems seen with its individual type. For instance, birch trees, ash, elm, and maple trees are more susceptible to branch failure and must be regularly checked for indicators of weakness or damage. 


Aside from the tree itself, the surrounding environment of the tree and the soil are some of the added aspects of why trees fail. Since soil could become saturated easily with water, it weakens the tree’s root system. Moreover, a shift in compaction or grade of the soil could affect the tree’s stability and health as well. 


What are the risks of tree failure? 

When any of your trees has a structural defect, you must not immediately think that it must be removed. The best thing to do is to determine whether or now the extremeness of the problem can pose risk or danger. The danger of having property damaged must not only be the one that you should take into consideration, but the safety of the people near your area must be considered as well.  


Once your tree has a severe structural defect, this boosts the chances of failure, particularly in extreme weather. The signs could include broken branches or a dying or dead tree. It would be best to reach out to a professional and discuss the issues of your trees with them to assess what measures you must take as a homeowner.  


Contact Baton Rouge Tree Company’s arborists now 

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How to Manage Having a Flat Tire on the Highway 

Dealing with a flat tire is the worst thing that could occur to you on a highway. There are particular things that you can’t avoid, regardless of how well you maintain your vehicle. One of these things is dealing with a flat tire.  

Without a doubt, this situation is pretty risky. You’re in a more vulnerable state since you are on the highway. Thus, what should you do if you face the issue of a flat tire in the middle of the road? Here are several things that you should do. 

Do Not Panic 

Yes, whenever you are stranded on a busy highway, it’s really hard to stay calm and not panic. This is particularly true if you don’t have any help. But, you might end up worsening the issue if you will panic. So, you have to stay calm. 

Avoid Disaster 

Let us say you’ve got to go to a place that’s significant. You face the issue of a flat tire in the middle of your trip. You choose to change your tire all by yourself since you’ve got to reach on time. However, you have to keep in mind that it is a dangerous thing to do if you change a tire on a busy highway. In general, vehicles are speeding since a highway is a signal-free road. The possibilities of any disaster are high. Because of that, it is crucial for you to fight the temptation of changing the tire on your own. 

Ask for Help 

Instead of fixing the issue all by yourself, it is best to contact the professionals for help. Do not waste a second in case of a flat tire. You should immediately contact an emergency towing service Norfolk VA for help. These service providers can change a tire safely and quickly, contrary to the common belief that they only provide towing services. You do not have to worry if you are thinking that contacting a towing company isn’t a choice for you because you do not have a spare tire. The towing company would tow your vehicle to the closest auto shop and then change your tire.  

Safely Drive 

Try to slow down your vehicle as soon as you know that you’ve got a flat tire issue. You will only lose control of your vehicle if you slam the brakes. You should slowly slow down your vehicle instead and pull over at a place that is safe. It should be away from the traffic. 

Stay Safe 

After you have positioned your vehicle in a safe place, you should not try to change the tire or get off the vehicle. Wait for the help to arrive and stay inside your vehicle. In addition to that, to let the incoming cars know that you’ve got an issue with your vehicle, you need to leave the indicators of your vehicle.  

It is indeed a nightmare if you have a flat tire on a highway. However, if you follow these tips, you can easily make things easy for you.