Process of Tasting Wine

If you are planning to go to a wine tour in Niagara, Canada, it is reasonable to look for some tips regarding how to taste wine like a pro and its basics to further appreciate what wines have to offer. Below is a mini guideline about the process of tasting wine:


Check out the wine’s viscosity, opacity, and color. This step does not necessarily require you to take more than 5 seconds. In fact, there are several clues you can see based on the appearance of the wine alone. However, most answers, which those hints offer can be seen on the bottle.


The moment you first begin to smell the wine, you need to think big to small. If you can smell fruits, consider a broader category of fruits first, such as tropical fruits, orchard, or citrus for white wines or, black fruits, blue fruits, or red fruits for red wine. If you look for a specific taste, it could result in frustration. Generally, you can split the nose wine into 3 basic categories: primary aromas, secondary aromas, tertiary aromas.


We should use our tongues to appreciate the wine. However, the moment you swallow the wine, it tends to change the aromas since you are getting them retro-nasally.

Be confident with wine


Our tongue has the ability to determine bitter, sweet, sour, or salty taste. Most of the wines will have a bit of sourness to it since grapes naturally have some acid. This depends greatly on the type of grapes and the climate. However, you cannot be able to smell sweetness because only your tongue can determine it. Ultimately, some wines have a salty taste to it,


Our tongues have the ability to perceive and touch the wine’s texture. Wine texture is associated with some aspects, however, the high texture is usually common in wines that are riper and higher in alcohol. What provides the wine some texture is the ethanol since we see it as “richer” compared to water.


Consider several factors of wine tasting. You can ask yourself whether the wine is too tannic, too alcoholic, too acidic, or just have a perfect balance. Was the wine unmemorable or unique? Did you like the taste of the wine? Also, you can think about the major wine characteristics that you think stood out and impressed you in a way?

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